Call for Papers

Authors addressing advancement and innovation are invited to submit a 250-350 word abstract for review and possible presentation at the Symposium. Download pdf copy of Call for Papers.


250-350​ word​ email​ abstract:​ April 23, 2021
E-mail​ notification​ of​ acceptance:​ June 1, 2021
Manuscript submission deadline:​ July 16, 2021

We understand that some authors may be required to submit their abstracts, papers, and presentations for public release approval. Please start this process early so that you can meet the above deadlines.


  • 5G wireless technology
  • Antennas and radar in automotive applications
  • IoT and M2M applications
  • Massive MIMO advances
  • Medical advances
  • Hardware in the Loop
  • mmWave, terahertz and quasi-optical antenna measurement
  • Theory and applications of the measurement of antennas and radar scattering
  • Advances in indoor and outdoor test ranges
  • Measurement standards and laboratory comparisons
  • Advances in near-field, far-field, compact and RCS range measurement techniques
  • New instrumentation for testing
  • Data acquisition and processing methods
  • Measurement imaging, algorithms, and processing techniques
  • Diagnostic methods for antenna acceptance testing
  • Phased array, adaptive/smart antenna applications and measurements
  • EMI/EMC/PIM chamber design, measurement, and instrumentation
  • GNSS, PCS, cellular, satellite antennas and measurement
  • RF material design, measurement, and instrumentation
  • Ultra-wideband or frequency independent antenna measurement
  • Applied computational electromagnetics
  • Numerical methods related to EM measurements
  • Multi-link MIMO and cooperative channels
  • In-situ testing and channel sounding
  • Other antenna measurement topics

If you have any questions, please contact:
The AMTA Technical Coordinator: C. J. Reddy